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Acquiring prospects–play to the perfect crowd

Getting new prospects isn’t enough—they need to be the right prospects. Otherwise, you’ll waste time and ad spend on leads that don’t convert to sales. Louder Than Digital goes for quality—not unqualified quantity—with all the right tools for your goals.

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Text ads and product listings crafted for your ideal audience and optimized for maximum exposure at minimum cost.

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Using the most advantageous social platforms for your buyers and creating advertisements that leverage your brand.

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Carving out the best networks for your prospects and creating ads that speak to their contexts and intentions.

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For display, social and search advertisements, creating properly segmented ads that inspire your previous visitors to action—not annoyance.

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Optimizing your website to make your company visible to prospects on search engines.

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Creating predictive bid algorithms that ensure a high-performance product ad at just the right price.

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Analyzing your audience from every angle—demographics, point of origin, intent, buying patterns, etc.—to create highly effective buyer persona groups for highly targeted advertising strategies.

Playing to the wrong crowd

Most digital marketers want big numbers right off the bat. The easiest numbers to generate are raw prospects. So they blast out un-personalized marketing messages to a vast audience and hope for the best. Marketing for volume, not revenue—that’s a problem. 
At Louder, we don’t only acquire new prospects, we acquire the right ones so that our clients’ clients don’t have to pay to market to an uninterested audience and their sales teams don’t waste their time with unqualified prospects.

Converting–lead a horse to water and watch them guzzle

Your website isn’t just a parking lot of company information. It’s your most important sales tool. We don’t just send you qualified leads—we help you close the deal by consulting on website content and design for optimized customer conversions.

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Comparing the analytics and tweaking alternate versions of landing pages to work in concert with your ad campaigns—increasing your quality scores to lower ad costs while you make more direct sales.

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Using a statistical analysis of webpage visitor behavior to find the messages and images that best inspire and motivate your audience.

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Using a statistical analysis of webpage visitor behavior to find the messages and images that best inspire and motivate your audience.

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Comparing conversion and sales data to your direct expenses and profit margins, finding the sweet spot between profitable pricing and high sales volume.

A revolving door for potential customers

You’re lucky if your average marketing company gets you qualified leads—don’t expect them to help you close the deal. Every business’s website is their #1 selling tool. No matter who a prospect is or how they heard about you, they will visit your website before buying. If it’s disorganized, outdated and lacking in calls to action, you’re handing customers over to competitors. Your website has left you unprepared to close the deal—that’s a problem.
At Louder, we help our clients close the deal by consulting on how to best utilize both content and design for better customer conversions.

Maximizing lifetime customer value—level up your business

Once we’ve converted prospects into customers, it’s time to high five each other and call it a day, right? Not so. It costs 10 x more to acquire a customer than to retain one. By maximizing customers’ lifetime values, we create dependable and sustainable revenue growth, making the upfront work in acquisition pay dividends for years to come.

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Feeding your customers the content that makes you a trusted advisor in your field and creating campaigns that keep them engaged and ready to upgrade their relationship.

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Using data points, market research and web analytics to pin-point where you stand in your competitive environment and identify the most advantageous path upward.

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Leveraging the best automated platforms for content creation and delivery and marketing intelligence for your business and sales models.

Leaving money on the table

Converting new prospects is pretty tough for most outfits—but can they can’t help you increase customer value as well. Settling for simple conversion statistics—that’s a problem.
Many of the same tools and strategies that we use to convert customers can be used to optimize customer worth. Through distribution of quality content and targeted promotions of new products that compliment your individual customer’s specific past purchases, you can maximize each customer’s lifetime value for predictable and sustainable revenue growth.

Optimizing ROI—have your cake and eat it while you sell it

Having a deeper understanding of customer behavior and changes in the digital landscape keeps you ahead of the curve. But you can’t set the trends if you only study the obvious information. We go beyond web traffic to a full spectrum of data analytics, delivering the priceless intel for adaptive strategies that your competitors won’t see coming.

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Creating an optimized data-mining ecosystem to gather the most pertinent business analytics

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Using sophisticated algorithms to discover how digital trends can be exploited for your specific business goals

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Tying your digital sales analytics to your physical business elements

When keeping it simple is actually stupid

The fact is, most companies stop at traffic and website visitors. More advanced ones may integrate sales data and even some customer demographics. Ignoring the data trails customers leave behind—that’s a problem.
At Louder, we go beyond traffic and sales to really understand deep buying behavior patterns and adapt our strategies to capitalize on those trends. That way, you can go beyond knowing what works and what doesn’t to understanding true value and ways to drive the most amount of revenue for the best ROI. We’re smart with complex behavior data—it’s that simple.