Craft Beverage Brand Digital Amplification Program

Every business — small or large — needs marketing in order to thrive.  In highly competitive industry segments like craft beverage, how you market your brand is more important than ever, but how does a craft beer company, without millions of dollars to spend, differentiate itself from the crowd?  Louder Than Digital has answered that question with the Digital Amplification Program, an innovative suite of digital sales and marketing solutions to help your craft beverage business stand toe-to-toe with the big guys.

We’ve leveled the playing field for artisan-scale producers, bringing the strategies and techniques utilized by the worlds biggest companies within reach of craft beverage brands at every stage of their development.  Whether you’re a craft brewery, cidery, distillery; whether you’re just starting out or you’re ready to level-up your business — the Digital Amplification Program is here to help you:

  • Reach new customers
  • Re-engage existing customers
  • Launch and optimize direct-to-consumer sales
  • Support three-tier distribution and retail sales channels
  • Promote on-premise events and releases
  • Develop multi-channel digital strategies to build brand awareness and sales

With our Digital Amplification Program, you’re not only benefitting from Louder Than Digital’s years of experience providing marketing solutions to global brands like Amazon, Fanatics, Home Depot and Fabletics, you’re also getting cutting-edge technology expertise thanks to our partner Craftpeak.  From its humble but ambitious beginnings as a small tech startup, Craftpeak has grown to become the industry leading-provider of online solutions for the craft beer segment, building websites and e-commerce assets for some of the hottest brands on the market.  Best-in-class website stability and speed, conversion rates that consistently outperform the competition, an unparalleled partner network and an ethos custom-built for the craft beverage marketplace — our partnership with Craftpeak means that we can offer you the most robust digital ecosystem out there.

 A craft beverage ecosystem of success


When breweries asked Louder what website platform we recommend for craft beverage brands, we vetted several web platforms and firms that specialize in the craft beverage space to find the right partner. After a thorough analysis, we partnered with Craftpeak, who specializes in high-quality craft beverage websites and online stores. Craftpeak websites and online stores not only create a top notch consumer experience, but their fast load times, high conversion rates, craft-specific modules, and data-driven reporting put them a step ahead of the pack.


We specialize in helping craft beverage brands reach new fans across an array of marketing channels to drive follower growth, digital engagement, and a funnel of new customers to buy your beers, ciders, seltzers, and merchandise.


Promote beer releases, anniversaries, special events (virtual or on-premise), and membership clubs to increase consumer engagement, loyalty, and the lifetime value of your customers.


Through targeted messaging, engaging content, and consumer behavioral data we can acquire new fans of your brand and drive more online sales across a variety of online channels.


Geo-targeting and engaging digital content will allow your brand to show up when consumers are searching for your craft products (or craft beverages near them).


We can capture your events and process to create video content that shows consumers what your brand is all about. We want to connect consumers to your brand and show them where your products come. How? We can create brand videos, event promo and recap videos, QR code videos, 360 videos, and high quality product photography to engage with new and current customers across a variety of online platforms.

When we talk about an ecosystem, we’re talking about an end-to-end digital experience, conceived and constructed to take your customer from first-click awareness to last-click conversion.  In addition to Craftpeak, we’ve also partnered with Whale Pod Shipper for the best consumer packaging option out there, and ShipStation & ShipCompliant for the best shipping solutions — so with the Digital Amplification Program, we’re bringing you the last word in online brand development.

If you’re a craft beverage business interested in making data-driven decisions to attract new fans to your website, boost taproom foot traffic, maximize event revenue, and get the most out of your retail sales channels both online and on-premise, contact Louder Than Digital today to find out how our Digital Amplification Program can help you attain your goals.

Watch our On-Demand Webinar

When we asked craft beverage brands what kept them up at night in our State of the Craft Brewing Industry survey, 70% of those that responded said it was marketing to acquire new customers. With increased competition for consumers’ attention and tremendous growth of direct-to-consumer sales online via e-commerce, craft beverage brands need to enhance their online presence to stand out in a crowded market. In an effort to provide curated guidance around gaining new customers as the market continues to grow and rapidly change, we teamed up with Craftpeak and Fair Isle Brewing to share some tips, tricks, and best practices to help strategically market your business and grow your customer base.

Meet your Digital Amplification partners

Meet your Digital Amplification partners, Craftpeak and Louder Than Digital. Both companies are passionate about the craft beverage industry and are excited to apply their expertise to help craft beverage companies find success in an accelerated online environment!

Louder Than Digital is a full-service digital marketing & brand amplification agency comprised of a tenacious team of marketers and technologists who help clients digitally transform their organizations to meet evolving consumer expectations. Louder team members have delivered digital marketing and advertising services to some of the top national and international e-commerce brands. Louder’s mission is to leverage big brand e-commerce best practices to help amplify brands in emerging industries, like craft beverage, that are going through significant growth in direct-to-consumer channels. From growing your brand’s fanbase, to driving more engagements with your customers, to optimizing online revenue, we’re here to help amplify your brand’s online presence and revenue!

Craftpeak is a technology company creating digital solutions for the regulated beverage industry. Since its inception in 2016, the Asheville-based agency has helped a global roster of craft beverage thought leaders navigate the shifting demands of the online marketplace. Dedicated to giving its partners powerful tools to tell their unique stories, Craftpeak’s innovative approach to developing brand narratives across digital channels continues to foster the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit its clients embody. Learn more about how Craftpeak can drive growth and generate value for your craft beverage businesses through its e-commerce, web design and customer experience management services by visiting