The Sound: About Kemo Sabe

Kemo Sabe is a high-end western wear store based out of Aspen, Colorado, with two additional locations in Vail and Las Vegas. The store sells more than one-of-a-kind boots and hats: they sell the cowboy experience! After designing custom boots or hats, you can celebrate by having a cocktail or two in the saloon downstairs. This in-store experience and strong branding make them an instant favorite for anyone who visits one of their locations.

Soundcheck: Looking to Expand

Lifestyle photos of Kemo Sabe's western wear hats.

After being in business for 30+ years, Kemo Sabe wanted to expand their brand.

They considered two options: 

  1. Open a new store location in New York or another major metro area
  2. Explore the digital wild wild west

Kemo Sabe wanted to make sure they were representing themselves digitally the same way they did in their stores:

  • Unparalleled customer service 
  • Unique luxury products
  • A helluva lot of fun

Turn Up the Volume: Exploring the New Frontier

Example image of the Kemo Sabe website on a desktop computer and tablet.

Kemo Sabe needed a partner for their digital transformation who would take the time to understand their business – enter LOUDER THAN DIGITAL.

Louder Than Digital brought the brand to life online with:

  • An updated website experience.
  • An ecommerce presence to open up their curated, high-end products to customers around the world.
  • Engaging brand video content designed to amplify their branding.

Through various digital channels, Louder Than Digital spread the word about the new online experience hyper-targeting Kemo Sabe’s new potential customers.

Get Louder: Tools for Success in the Wild West

Kemo Sabe saw a 10 percent return on their investment and 10 times more new users to their website.

“Louder’s support and management of the website &  digital advertising channels have led to online revenue DOUBLING  during the COVID 19 Pandemic.”

Bridget McDonald, Kemo Sabe

Louder Than Digital provided Kemo Sabe with the tools they needed to run a successful eCommerce store and build a strong digital presence. The brand has seen 10 times more new users coming to their website than before the site remodel. They’ve also seen 10 times the return on their initial investment.

Video Content Library

Kemo Sabe now has a library of brand video content and social video content by product category to engage consumers worldwide.

Immersive Online Customer Experience

With their 360/VR video content, Kemo Sabe can create immersive experiences to transport new customers to Aspen from the comfort of their own home. This allows customers to experience the brand as if they were out on a ranch, in the saloon, or shopping in-store.

Personality First Website

Louder Than Digital ensured the in-store experience successfully translated online by developing an e-commerce website that leads with personality. 

Increased Points of Contact with Customers

Louder helped Kemo Sabe add thousands of new social followers, expand their email lists, find new pockets of online revenue, and grow online sales.

“I really appreciate what Louder has done for us and am so happy with what we accomplished, I can’t wait for what this year has in store for us! They have been a true partner to help us from video production, digital advertising, eCommerce support, feed optimization, consulting, the list goes on & on. 

I would recommend Louder for any business looking to digitally evolve their brand and grow their online presence and revenue.”  

Bridget McDonald, Kemo Sabe