Amplification of Nonprofits and Charities

We know that nonprofits need effective marketing too. Their missions deserve to be amplified online through content management, SEO, social media marketing, and more!

We love any opportunity to apply our marketing expertise to a good cause and believe that good digital marketing shouldn’t come at the expense of your valuable resources.

Services to bring the Digital Evolution to Nonprofits and Charities


Attract more donations with expert management of text and display ads using Google Ad Grants.


Increase attention to your cause and fundraising efforts through professional fundraising promotions.


Improve attendance at virtual charity events like auctions, webinars, and ungalas.


Give your donors an excellent customer experience with mobile first designed websites that don’t sacrifice personality for functionality.


Optimizing your website to make your company visible to prospects on search engines.


Interact with your supporters on a more intimate level with high-quality social media management including organic and paid efforts.


Analyzing your audience from every angle—demographics, point of origin, intent, buying patterns, etc.—to create highly effective buyer persona groups for highly targeted advertising strategies.

Charities and nonprofits face the problem of having to convince consumers to give out money without getting anything concrete in return.

The right marketing strategy will help your organization make a lasting impact by increasing your overall reach and helping you easily find those who want to support your cause.

Charitable & Non-Profit Partners

It’s no secret that we love music at Louder Than Digital. Positive Legacy is a unique organization that integrates music and service to benefit people and the environment. They coordinate environmental and humanitarian service projects fueled by the power of music.

Grace at the Green Light Logo

Grace at the Greenlight does some amazing work in one of our favorite cities, New Orleans. They are a 501c3 non-profit organization that serves the street homeless in New Orleans. Their mission is to offer New Orleans’ homeless persons choices and to provide for their basic needs (water, food and community) in a loving manner that embraces the human spirit.

Conscious Alliance is another non-profit organization that mixes our love of art and music with philanthropy. They collaborate with artists and musicians alike to gather food donations for those in need.

Warriors for William is a non-profit foundation dedicated to raising awareness and raising funds that go directly to supporting research on childhood cancer.