Healthcare gets LOUDER

How we've helped healthcare companies expand market share


Healthcare companies grapple with the intricate balance of leveraging digital tools while ensuring meaningful patient engagement, striving to provide a seamless care experience in an increasingly virtual world.


Simply put, Louder Than Digital healthcare companies grow their revenue through patient-centric strategies:

With 25+ years in the industry, we’re able to navigate the complex healthcare landscape to capture market share for new technologies and provide patient experience enhancement consulting
Go-to-market strategies to win against a sea of competitors with a focus on providing the win-win outcomes between healthcare organizations, their technologies, and their patients


Incredible Health

increase in nurses on the Incredible Health platform
decrease in cost to acquire new nurses to the platform

“Louder Than Digital was a key partnership for us and helped us enter the healthcare market successfully in our first year of business. They were able to generate messaging that resonates with hospitals and to drive outstanding digital engagement leading to higher nurse acquisitions. Louder’s expertise was crucial in getting Incredible Health into the hands of nurses!”


Iman Abuzeid, M.D.
Co-Founder, Incredible Health

“Within 6 months, we had a new brand, website, and supporting marketing materials that spoke to the pain that hospitals face today and how Incredible Health is revolutionizing nurse recruiting for hospitals. In a sea of healthcare IT companies, Louder Than Digital helped us stand out in the crowd and gain attention with key targets that turned into customers.”


Sandra Frykman, R.N.
VP of Sales, Incredible Health