The Sound: About Taylor and Tessier

Taylor and Tessier, a sustainable jewelry brand located in the Aspen Valley of Colorado sells its products through a brick and mortar location, an eCommerce site, and wholesalers. Their trendy, hand-crafted pieces appeal to men and women of all ages and are considered a luxury item.

Like many small businesses, when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, they lost nearly all of their traditional business overnight. They knew they had to get creative to stay afloat. Luckily, the brand already had its eCommerce channel established; they just needed to find a way to turn up the volume to bring in more online revenue.

Soundcheck: A Pandemic

Quote from Adam Tessier, "80% of our business disappeared overnight. The only things left was online retail. Thank God Louder was there to help us.”

As with many other retail stores in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on Taylor and Tessier’s business. When the shut-downs first began, the company lost over 80% of their business overnight with the loss of their brick-and-mortar operations.

The company had an online presence, but it wasn’t nearly robust enough to keep them afloat. They needed a partner to help drive online traffic through a variety of digital advertising channels including: search, retargeting, and social.

Turn Up the Volume: Data Driven Strategy

Taylor & Tessier experienced a 42% growth in online revenue and saw a 106% increase in new users to their site between the months of March and July 2020.

Louder Than Digital achieved this successful growth strategy by using real data and analytics to determine the best advertising channels for the brand.

  • Scaled back existing advertising and used real data and analytics to determine the best channels
  • Tested digital marketing tactics across channels to pinpoint the best performers
  • Focused budgets on high-performing areas to drive revenue growth at a positive return
  • Maintained a constant flow of clear communication with Taylor and Tessier to ensure they understood the strategies

The winning channels that helped boost this jewelry brand included: Pinterest, paid and organic social media, and digital advertising.


Taylor and Tessier’s eye-catching, fashion forward looks lends itself to the Pinterest Platform. By creating boosted posts and advertisements, Louder was able to expand the brand’s reach to fashionista’s everywhere looking for inspiration.

In 2020, Taylor and Tessier experienced growth on Pinterest through Louder Than Digital’s efforts.

  • Increased Engagement
  • Increased Followers
  • Increased Clicks


Advertising on Facebook and Instagram was a huge success for this highly visual brand. Their unique Pick Box that gives users a curated box of jewelry based on a short quiz was made for a social media giveaway.


Taylor and Tessier's PickBox, which allows customers to receive a curated box of jewelry based on a quick and easy quiz was the perfect choice to launch a social media giveaway. This expanded their social audience, grew their email list, and expanded their overall reach online.

Video and Photo Social Ads

The clean and simple photo and video ad formats on Facebook and Instagram was a great way to highlight Taylor and Tessier's lifestyle brand. Louder was able to reach over 83 thousand new people with this format.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram were a great way to highlight the different jewelry pieces Taylor and Tessier carries.

Google Ads

Louder increased visitors to Taylor and Tessier’s website by 106% between March and July 2020 using a variety of Google Ads, including: Search, Display, and Shopping ads.

Google Search Ads

Louder than Digital developed a strong keyword strategy to produce effective PPC ads targeted towards the right audience at the right time. These ads served as a great tool to introduce new customers to the brand.

Google Display Ads

Taylor & Tessier's eye-catching brand lends itself to display ads. Beautiful product shots were displayed to highly targeted audience across the display network to build conversions.

Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads are a great tool for any eCommerce business. They provide consumers with a quick and convenient way to find your products based on their current wants and needs.

Get Louder: Continued Growth

Louder Than Digital continues to work with Taylor and Tessier as they grow their brand. Our work with the brand includes:

  • Site content optimization using a targeted keyword strategy
  • Growth in visibility and average position in Google Search results
  • B2B marketing strategies to build their wholesale business
  • Email marketing recommendations to continue building the brands communications